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THOR Roofing Tools will help you do the pre-shingling layout and snapping of lines in seconds, allowing you to install the fastest and most accurate shingled roof you’ve ever done.

Each of our tools can work independently of the others, but when they are combined, they comprise the most efficient system ever invented for shingled roofing.

NOTE: We will soon be updating this site with additional information about THOR's revolutionary new US and Canadian patent-pending Horizontal Roofing Layout Tape, which works with the patented vertical Roofing Layout Tape to form the world's finest installation system for manufactured slates and many other roofing materials, producing unprecedented increases in speed and accuracy with no manual measurements or calculations required! Please check back soon for updates.

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Attention Manufacturers

Elk Prestique Grande - Custom TapesAre you preparing to launch a new roofing product design, or would you like to radically increase the speed and quality of installation of your existing products? Custom layout tapes can be programmed for any kind of roofing product!

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