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THOR Systems, Inc. Receives Canadian Patent for Roofing Layout Tapes

Larksville, PA—On October 27, 2006, the Canadian Patents and Trademarks Office issued utility patent number 2,189,986 to Ronald C. Hungarter, President of THOR Systems, Inc., a hand tools developer/manufacturer, for his creation of a roofing layout tape designed to revolutionize the steep slope roofing industry.

“Now my goal is to bring top quality jobs to Pennsylvania as the business of developing these patented tools continues to grow.  I want THOR to become recognized throughout the roofing and construction industry as a leader in new and innovative tools”, said Hungarter.

The roofing layout tapes are simple, inexpensive ways to solve many roofing labor and installation problems. “Virtually any construction materials and/or applications requiring a horizontal line and/or a vertical grid layout can be addressed by variations of these tapes, now patented in both the U.S. and Canada”, Hungarter explained.

Habitat for Humanity: How to Build a House

And roofers across the United States agree. “Roofer testimonials claim an 18% to 36% increase in on-site roofing productivity when using these patented roofing tapes,” stated Hungarter. THOR tapes are also helping Habitat For Humanity chapters across the U.S. and were included in their book "How To Build A House", written by Larry Haun and published by The Taunton Press.

“In 1995, I told William V. Leandri, Former President of Luzerne National Bank, that I was going to revolutionize the shingled roofing industry with these tapes”, recalls Hungarter.  The recent issuing of the Canadian Patent will help make that goal a reality.

THOR recently went into full production of these patented construction tools, utilizing state-of-the-art digital printing technology. The tapes are available in the “Business Resources Catalog” of CertainTeed Corporation—a national leader in the roofing and construction industry—and at other fine homebuilding suppliers.

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