THOR® Systems, Inc.

EcoStar LLC Endorses
THOR Roofing Layout Tapes

New Orleans, LA—February 2010—THOR Systems, Inc. has announced that EcoStar LLC, manufacturers of Majestic Slate and other leading roofing products has endorsed THOR Roofing Layout Tapes.

EcoStar LLC Vice President of Sales Charlie Taft and THOR Systems, Inc. President Ron Hungarter shot a video together at the International Roofing Expo 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana where Charlie described the great success EcoStar has had with the THOR system of roofing layout, and how it has decreased installation times while ensuring that all roofing materials are positioned and aligned correctly.

During a video montage of job site photos, Ron described the THOR Roofing Layout Tapes and how they make roofing easier, more accurate and much faster, even allowing such unprecedented techniques as having multiple unconnected installation crews working on the same roof section simultaneously.

Charlie concluded his discussion of the THOR Roofing Layout Tapes by saying, "This is the future, and we're going to embrace it at EcoStar."

Click on the video below to watch it now (running time 3 minutes):



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Visit EcoStar LLC's web site to learn more about the company and their products.

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