THOR® Systems, Inc.

Goof Proof Roof

Journal of Light Construction—October, 2003

Marking intersection roof sections with THOR roofing tools

When several roofers start on different parts of a complicated roof, it usually results in weird exposures and crooked coursing. Even simple roofs can have wavy courses or odd exposures because of poor layout. But THOR Layout Tapes can prevent most common shingle screwups because the reinforced tape provides an accurate layout that’s used by the whole crew.

The tape is applied from the eave to the ridge, and several sets of marks (lettered to prevent confusion) allow you to shrink or stretch exposures so you don’t end up with one or two odd-sized courses near the ridge. The product really shines in problem situations like working up both sides of a dormer.

According to the manufacturer, many professional roofers claim significant labor savings when using the tapes. The company’s website provides more details on how they work. The 25-foot tapes run about $4 to $6 per roll depending on the quantity purchased.

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