THOR® Systems, Inc.

To Apogee and Beyond with Magichalk®

THOR would like to welcome rocketeers to the growing circle of friends who use Magichalk.

No, we are not “The Helper Of Rocketeers” but we are encouraging you to shoot for the stars with Magichalk. When placed in the nose cone, either with the parachute or with the wrapper, Magichalk marks the sky at apogee with a last little bit of fun and a puff of yellow chalk. Just like on the roof, Magichalk will not stain or damage the rocket being located in the sky.

NEPRA rocketeers

Magichalk, introduced on July 20, 2002 to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Rocketry Association received a “thumbs-up” from the President and members. Kids especially love that last little puff of yellow in the sky, adding excitement and marking their often-unseen little boosters!

We welcome feedback and hope you will contact THOR Tools with any questions or comments you have about using Magichalk on your next launch!