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U.S. Patents Office Issues Roofing Layout Tape Utility Patent

Larksville, PA—On January 28, 2003, the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office issued utility patent number 6,511,741 to Ronald C. Hungarter, President of THOR Systems, Inc., a hand tool manufacturer, for his work involving the creation of a roofing layout tape designed to revolutionize the steep slope roofing industry. "While appearing complicated, the roofing layout tape is quite simple. Like learning to ride a bike, once the attempt is made, the rest is easy. Testimonies by roofers proclaim an 18% to 36% increase in their productivity using the new roofing tapes!", stated Hungarter.

Spin-offs of this asphalt shingle roofing layout tape concept providing both horizontal and vertical shingle alignments are currently being developed, with new tapes designed for the metal roofing industry going into full production this month, according to Hungarter. "Virtually any application requiring both horizontal and vertical alignments and offsets can be addressed by variations of these tapes", Hungarter explained.

Habitat for Humanity: How to Build a House

The tapes are already helping Habitat For Humanity chapters across the U.S. and have been included in their recently published book, "How To Build A House", written by Larry Haun and published by The Taunton Press. Both the THOR Roofing Layout Tapes and the THOR Double Chalkers have been included in the "2003 Business Resources Catalog" of CertainTeed Corporation, a national leader in the roofing and construction industry.

"In 1995, while standing in his driveway one evening, I told William V. Leandri, President of Luzerne National Bank, that I was going to revolutionize the shingled roofing industry with my latest invention, a roofing layout tape", recalls Hungarter. The issuing of this patent will continue towards making that goal of revolutionizing the roofing industry a reality.

"My additional goal will now be to bring quality jobs to Pennsylvania as this new business develops and becomes recognized as a leader throughout the construction industry, which will make Ben Franklin Technology Partners, an early supporter of the idea, very happy", said Hungarter.

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