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THOR Double Chalker

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Lightning-fast snap lines without walking back and forth across the roof.

The Double Chalker in Use

The THOR Double Chalker consists of two independent chalk dispensers connected with a common string line. Simply reel the string back, and a chalk line has been created between the two chalker units.

The device eliminates the need for repeated chalk line
reloading on the roof. It is
equipped with a handle designed into the chalker body, providing an easy grip on an eight-ounce chalk reservoir.

Another big advantage of the THOR Double Chalker is the string line. The 100ft. woven, 100% polyester line is hollow, allowing it to hold more chalk than standard braided lines. This 100 ft. line yields 8 to 12 lines per load—3X that of any other chalker on the market. The handles hold a full pound of chalk (8oz. Each), eliminating time-consuming rooftop refills. Replacement line, including the line, spool and handle is now available.

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