THOR® Systems, Inc.

THOR Roofing Layout Tapes

THOR Roofing Layout Tapes
12-Pack $57.00
36-Pack $154.80
100-Pack $420.99
12-16' Tape Roll $29.99

Create easy and accurate hash marks for shingle placement in 5" and 5-5/8" reveals.

Simple, easy-to-read marks on a glare-free surface provide fast, calculation-free roofing layout and easy navigation around dormers, skylights and chimneys—virtually eliminating human error.

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THOR Double Chalker

The Double Chalker
Double Chalker Set$24.99
Replacement Line$5.99

Lightning-fast snap lines without walking back and forth across the roof.

Reel the line back and forth between the units. When the indicator reaches the other side, you have a full load of fresh chalk. Save hundreds of steps and reduce liability and fall potentials.

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1 Liter Bottle$7.99

Non-staining yellow chalk powder specially formulated to reduce stains.

With a snap-on cap for fast and easy resealing, your chalk will stay protected from drying out and spillage. Fill your Double Chalker twice with one bottle.

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The BLT™ (Belt Loop Toolholder)

The BLT (Belt Loop Toolholder)

Carry your tools to the rooftop quickly, safely, and hands-free.

Carry air hoses, extension cords, power tools, and much more. Designed for quick release in the case of a fall, the BLT will reduce the possibility of “fall impalement” (injury from tools during a fall).

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