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Non-staining yellow chalk powder specially formulated to reduce stains.

The Double Chalker in Use

With a snap-on cap for fast and easy resealing, your chalk will stay protected from drying out and spillage. Fill your Double Chalker twice with one bottle.

The high visual contrast of yellow on black makes it one of the most readable combination of colors. The yellow Magichalk® chalk lines are easily seen over black felt, black weather shield roof coverings, black parking lots, etc.

Magichalk Takes to the Sky

Magichalk and Rocketry: Mile HighRocketeers have found a fun new use for Magichalk. When placed in the nose cone of a rocket—within the parachute or the wrapper—Magichalk marks the sky at the rocket’s apogee with a puff of yellow chalk—and a last little bit of fun.

And just like on a roof, Magichalk will not stain or damage the rocket.

Shown Above: The mark at an altitude of 1 mile.

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