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THOR Roofing Layout Tapes

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Create easy and accurate hash marks for shingle placement in 4", 5", 5-5/8" and 8-1/4" reveals.*

Simple, easy-to-read marks on a glare-free surface provide fast, calculation-free roofing layout and easy navigation around dormers, skylights and chimneys—virtually eliminating human error.

Multiple Roofing Crews

THOR Roofing Layout Tapes—first introduced in 1995—are disposable tools which significantly reduce the need for job-site supervision. The tapes allow roofers to determine and consistently apply the proper-to-the-weather reveal of shingles on any roof without measurements or calculations.

The tapes include all marks necessary to install a perfect roof quickly, accurately and profitably. Actual tape placement is specific to the roof, providing both the horizontal and verical offset grids, thus accurately providing both required soffit and rake drip edge overlaps, even on irregular roofs.

A new marking has been added to all tapes to locate and install the first tape at a specific vertical point on the roof, creating a starting reference line. This new marking eliminates the trim cutting of all full shingle courses up one rake while also providing the drip edge overhang required by each shingle manufacturer. The tapes work equally well on all roof styles—gable, hip, intersecting, and mansard units.

Multiple crews at work on a roof

THOR Roofing Layout Tapes facilitate:

  • computer-accurate shingle layout,
  • multiple installation crews,
  • fast, easy and accurate navigation around dormers, skylights and other roof obstables.

Slow, one-man ridge vent and cap installations can now be done while the main roof is being installed by the other roofers. No downtime using the tapes, and the vented roof is cooler for all. The tapes eliminate trial-and-error calculations, back-shingling, shingle creep and human errors. The tapes are available in 4", 5", 5 5/8", and 8 1/4" reveals, with many other tapes in development.

Perfect multiple crew roof

All tapes are attachable end-to-end to any needed length, weather-resistant, non-glare and easy to read. The reinforced laminated material is both thermal and moisture stable. THOR tapes are guaranteed accurate to one PEL (Printer Element—also referred to as a subpixel) in 25’.

*THOR 5-5/8" Tapes are now compatible with all Owens Corning and CertainTeed 13-1/4" x 38-3/4" shingles designs and all 13-1/4" x 39-3/8" dimensional shingles as well.

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